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Specialists in
Cast Iron Radiators & Baths

t: 028 8224 5148

How to Order

When ordering our range of baths etc we hope the process is self explanatory. However, for our cast iron radiators we need slightly more information to provide you with your perfect solution. If at any point you are unsure of your options when choosing a radiator or any other of our products please speak to one of our fully trained team at 028 8224 5148

How to order one of our cast iron radiators

First of all choose a radiator from the drop down list on our homepage. Then click on the “Build this radiator” button in the centre of the page.

Step 1 - Calculate your heating requirements

Heat output is calculated in BTU's per hour. To ensure your Radiators generate enough heat for the size or your room efficiently you should complete the simple form and click “calculate”. Now click next.

Step 2 - Select the quantity and size

Choose the required height and size from the drop down boxes for each radiator. You will see a large green tick if the total BTU output of your selection is sufficient for your room.

Step 3 - Choose Your Finish

Select the colour and finish you require. You can choose any colour from our RAL colour chart.

Step 4. Choose your radiator valves & wall stays

Choose your preferred valves or bush/end caps depending on your requirements. Wall stays are essential and if your radiator is over 10 sections wide 2 walls stays are required. We can automatically calculate this for you if you choose the wall stay option.

Review Your Order

Please make sure your radiator is the correct size and colour etc and includes the precise quantity of valves and wall stays. You can now proceed to checkout. At this point, if you still have any questions, please phone for comprehensive advice on – 028 8224 5148