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getting a cast iron Bath up stairs with just one man - 15 May 2012

This is a copy of a e-mail sent to us regarding a problem a customer was having .

He was trying to get his cast iron bath saftley up stairs into his bathroom .

Hi all

As you know I have been racking my brains on how to get the beautiful cast iron bath I bought from your company up my stairs and i have found the solution on You Tube:)

As many of us do over lunch I was surfing through the net asking for tips how to do get the bath upstairs . 

By accident I came across a film in You Tube I typed how to get a cast iron bath upstairs in the search box and i got a hit !!

Although it is not one of your baths it was still cast iron and weighed 180kg.

Basically the guy uses ratchet strapts,Chain hoist and planks .

He protects his staircase with planks and put the bath side on onto a pallet with the bath  strapped securly down. He then has a racket starp around the bath and attaches the chain hoist to the strap  secureing the hoist to the floor . He then just rachets the bath up stairs simple .

I will be trying this at the week end but will get a few friends  around just in case .

Will get back to you guys with how it went .

NEW VICTORIAN 4 Column cast iron radiator - 19 December 2011

Exciting News  NEW cast iron radiator!!!

Our latest design has just arrived the Victorian 4 column in heights 760 & 460 mm.

After 1year in development including new moulds and tooling our most authentic styled column cast iron radiator has arrived.

Similar to the Neo-Classic 4 column the victorian has been modelled on the original Ideal standard Cast Iron Radiator including the flatter foot which the Neo-Classic does not have.

This radiator is heavier than the Neo-Classic and also gives out a slighter Higher BTU.

An excellent choice for any home as well as being able match any original radiators you may have .

Pictures and more details coming soon.